About Us

Mairood Resort reflects the owners style of comfortable easy living

The gates of Mairood resort have been open to guests since January 2005. Chin Manasmontri, a native of Bangkok, returned to Thailand after 30 years in America to develop his concept for a paradise in Thailand.

In America Chin lives on the popular island of Nantucket, where he owned and operated     a Thai/Chinese restaurant, became a master weaver of  world famous Nantucket Lightship baskets and a sought after designer Sailors Valentines.

Dividing his time between Nantucket and Mairood, the industrious and charismatic owner is often found working in one of his studios on his artistic projects.


The style and ambience of Mairood Resort reflects Chins appreciation for comfortable easy living in a charming environment.

The dedicated and friendly staff work together to take care of your needs.