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Location & Transportation


Upon request we will send you more detailed directions for you particular journey

Mairood is located on the Gulf of Thailand in the province of Trat in eastern Thailand. The resort is 53m from Trat and 3km from the T-junction on route 318, the road between Trat city and Hat Lek (Cambodian border).

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        road to the village entry

            turn right as you enter the village

     enjoy your walk through the village

                   view of the village

     entry to Mairood Resort


Our car can transport up to four passengers with luggage.

The cost is for fuel only, the driver is provided for your convenience.

Trat bus station 700 - 900 B

Trat airport 1800 - 2000B

Cambodian border  700 - 900 B

Other locations available on request.

Scooters and bicycles are available for rent.


- Bangkok Airways operates daily flights to and from Suvarnabhumi airport.


- Buses run regularly to and from Bangkok’s Eastern (Ekamai), Northern (Mo Chit) and Suvarnabhumi airport stations to Trat bus station.


- From Trat bus station to Mairood Resort is 53km. There are mini vans leaving the station once full, take you to the T-junction on Route 318.

- By car travel 53km on Route 318. Turn right at the T- junction for 3km. Park at the entry to the village.

T-junction-Mairood Resort

Take a motorcycle taxi 3km to the village. Walk 300m through the village to the resort.Cambodian border-T-junction.

Cambodian border-T-junction

Mini vans operate between Trat and Hat Lek, which is 35km from the border to the T-junction. Cost is based on a per seat basis to Trat.

Please note you will be charged the full price to Trat even though you will be dropped off at T-Junction. For excess luggage you may be charged for an additional seat.

Songthaews travel from the border to the market in Khlong Yai. There you will transfer to a songthaew traveling Khlong Yai to Trat and get off at the T-Junction.

This is the less expensive option.

  village entry